A native of northern Germany, Yasmin Heinz' first published 

beauty book "Painted Truth/Geschminkte Wahrheit" by 

Edel Books Germany gives an intimate insight into the 

world behind the brush. 

The content explores the tricks of the trade, and the day  

to day mechanics of an international makeup artist.

"During my career many celebrities, actresses, models

and assistants always asked me the same questions,

why?... and ... how?..."

Creating this book enabled me to answer the fundamental

questions through my extensive archive of experience. 

Each themed chapter explores the skin canvas with colour 

combinations, from the natural to the avant-garde.

The veiled truth of men in makeup and the beauty of mature

skin are incapsulated with beautiful timeless imagery.

Yasmin Heinz new english coffee table 

beauty and art book by Prestel Publisher/Random House 

will be released in September  2017.

"My insight knowledge makes secrets simple"


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