YASMIN HEINZ/London is one of the world's most in-demand make-up artists.

Her extraordinary career has led her to work with designers incuding Chanel,
Dior, Thierry Mugler, Jena Paul Galutier and Sonia Rykiel; magazines such as
Elle, ID, Harper's BAZAAR, Hunger, Vanity Fair and Vogue; plus a host of A-list 
celebrities. Previously based in New York, where she started her career as an
assistant alongside the iconic make-up artist Linda Mason, and Paris, Yasmin
currently resides in London.
Her visually opulent english coffee table beauty and art book "elements"
by Prestel Publisher/Random House displays the breath-taking work of
Yasmin Heinz, who uses the the human face as her canvas. Working at the
cutting edge of beauty and fashion, from photoshoots to runway shows,
music videos and advertising campaigns, her expertise is in high demand by
photographers, designers and celebrities alike.

This sumptuous volume of her most striking creations is divided into sections
that echo the universe's four elements: Earth, Air, Fire and Water.
Chosen from Heinz's vast archive and featuring the work of other world-renowned
illustrators and artists, these images exhibit her extraordinary skills whether
adding contour to an already beautiful face or transforming one completely.
Weaving together the best of fashion, art, beauty and photography, this
irresistible volume shows that make-up can be at the front line of art.

My aim?
"In our daily and hectic lives the use of technology and social media often takes 
over posting, tweeting; sometimes we forget that Mother Nature is at play - 
we cannot survive without Mother Earth but yet the planets would survive 
without us."  

The elements Earth, Air, Fire and Water occur in each process of creation
and show us our emotional inner world. We should look to and enjoy what
we often take for granted - spend days in the woods, climb the mountains -
appreciate what the elements bring and use these blessing to enhance our art.

I love to empower people through make-up and show them their beauty by
helping them to understand how....Sometimes it is simply to uplifting a mood,
making someone feel confident and happy - just receiving a smile; it is often my
greatest reward.
My new book is an extension of my vision and ideals and I love sharing it with you."
Yasmin Heinz London 2017

Creative Director: Marko Matysik, Contributing Beauty Editor for 
Vogue International and Asia

Art Director: Felix Lammers Photographer
 and Artist
Writer: Jess Henley
, Beauty Director and Coach for
Foreword Writer: Kathy Phillips, International Beauty Director for 
Condé Nast Asia, Creative Director, This Works
Press Contact UK: Lesley Chivers and Emma Cook/Prestel Publisher
Press Contact New York: Angy Altamirano/Prestel Publisher
Press Contact Germany: Pia Werner



Yasmin Heinz first published beauty book "Geschminkte Wahrheit" by
Edel Books Germany in 2013 gives an intimate insight into the world behind the brush.
The content explores the tricks of the trade, and the day to day mechanics
of an internation make-up artist. Each themed chapter explores the skin canvas
with colour combinations, from the natural to the avant-gard.

The veiled truth of men in make-up and the beauty of mature skin are incapsulated
with beautiful timeless imagery.

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